Keep the
Bad Out

Keep the
Bad Out

Security window film installed on residential windows

Window Film Can Also Protect Your Home

3M Safety & Security Window Films can protect your family and your belongings. Contact Tropic Tint today to learn more about the many benefits of residential window film from 3M.

If you are concerned about damaging weather, burglars or simply wayward golf balls, 3M’s Safety Films can help.

Protect Your Business with
3M Window Film

In addition to offering energy savings and enhanced comfort, 3M Window Films can also protect your business. Windows are one of the most vulnerable entry points of a building, but they don’t have to be. 3M Safety & Security Films are designed to prevent glass from shattering, which slows intruders and prevents injuries resulting from broken glass.

Learn more about our products:

  • Ultra Prestige Series films combine the benefits of our solar films and security films.
  • Ultra Series films are micro-layered and tear resistant, making them among the most sophisticated security films on the market.
  • Safety Series films offer an affordable solution to your security concerns, featuring a thick adhesive that holds together broken glass.
  • Privacy Series films block off the areas of your business that you would prefer to keep private. They are great for exterior windows and storage spaces.
  • Impact Protection Attachment Systems bond filmed windows to their frames, offering an added layer of protection against impact events.
Technician applying window tint film to a car's window

When you have your windows tinted at Tropic Tint, you will receive the finest quality application by some of
the most highly skilled and experienced technicians in the industry.

For more than three decades, Tropic Tint has been leading the way in installation technology. Custom
micro window edging, one-piece rear windows, splicing and heat molding (where applicable) are all
techniques that found their roots at Tropic Tint.